The quality system implemented is not only meets the requirements but also exceeds the customer satisfaction.


SLIC Lanka’s foremost position as the premier exporter of Tuna harvested from the tropical Indian Ocean owes its success to the adoption and adherence to the highest standards in quality. This undivided attention paid to quality has seen the company been awarded with every major quality assurance certification of an extremely discerning consumer world, including the European Union countries. These Quality Certifications comprises of :


ISO 22000
(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
SSOP (Standard Sanitary Operation Procedure)

The availability of the infrastructure to process 8000kgs of chill fish per day, with a Storage capacity of 125mt frozen products at –22C, combined with a Blast Freezer capacity of 4T/8hrs fully compliments this passion to ensure quality all round in full measure..

Accordingly, whilst, the infrastructure requisites are in place to continue with these high standards, the human element necessary to ensure the adherence to it at specific control points too make their skillful presence consistently available. Random checking too takes place at many a place.

This passion of the company towards quality results in its key personnel undergoing training at such relevant institutions.

SLIC Lanka is fully committed to stringently maintain its focus on quality as the company is gearing to expand its reach further in the world, to satisfy the growing demand for its Tuna and other specialty seafood. The company fully understands that taste could only get its due recognition by strictly maintaining its deserved quality.

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